The drip style gives a refreshing, easy-to-drink cup suitable for many kinds of coffee. Using a beaker that shows extraction volume is a good way to create a more stable brew.

Ingredients and equipment

  1. Medium grind coffee about 4 tablespoons  [20 g] (for 1.5 cup [300 ml] water)
  2. Dripper 
  3. Beaker 
  4. Coffee cup(s)


  1. When the water boils, preheat the implements, transferring hot water from beaker to mug.

2. Place the paper in the dripper. Add ground coffee and level the surface.

3. Moisten the coffee grounds thoroughly by slowly pouring boiling water over them until the coffee starts to drip down. Let the coffee bloom for 20 to 30 seconds.

4. Next, slowly pour boiling water over the grounds in a spiral motion.

5. Remove the dripper when one cup’s worth (215 ml), even if there is some hot water left.

6. Pour the coffee in the mug, and enjoy! (*The beaker may become quite hot. To be safe, use a dampened dish towel to pick it up.)